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Dr. Gaudet / Kansas City Royals MLB (6 years) -  see more photos

"Joe Bullard is the 'real deal'. He always gets the best price for his customers. We have purchased 3 Volvo’s from Joe. Since I’m big on safety, I knew that Volvo was the car for me. Joe was well informed on all the safety features of each vehicle. He supports my annual baseball camp. Joe and I both enjoy working out. This guy definitely has all the right tools to be great in the car business."
Pedro Powell / Pittsburgh Pirates MLB  -  see more photos

"When the local dealerships discovered that I played pro ball, their prices automatically went up $20 grand.  With Profyle Auto Broker you don't have to pay through the nose.  Joe is always open and above board.  He always hits the ground running.  Joe's no paper tiger, he pulls strings for his customers.  He is always available 24/7.  To all my boys in the NFL, Joe's prices won't sack you!"
Don Sabia / Health Insurance Rep  -  see more photos

"Joe saved me thousands on my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. All the other Jeep Dealers were trying to hit a home run and gouge my eyes out. Joe just went to first base with a flat fee of $500.00 over auction cost. All the dealerships boasted about Dealer Invoice Pricing, seemed more like Dealer Retail Pricing to me. Fact of the matter is that the dealerships can make that stupid . . . read more
Karen Hogan / Mortgage Broker  -  see more photos

"I met Joseph through another mortgage broker who had purchased his 01 Tahoe from Joe. He said that Joe had saved him 4 grand$$$$ His entire sales staff also purchased their vehicles from Joe as well. When searching for my 03 Tahoe it didn’t take a Master’s in Economics to figure out who I’d call. . . .  read more
Gene Gatewood  -  see more photos

Sandra Crocker / Patient Billing  -  see more photos

"I felt like I had a millstone around my neck while shopping for my new BMW X5. With Joe, it was like a marriage made in heaven. He saved me over $6 grand on the truck. I referred all the girls in my office to him and they all have saved money. With Profyle Auto Design The Best Is Yet To Come."
Mickey Harris / Entrepreneur  -  see more photos

"This guy gets down to brass tacks. Joe’s no lightweight. I wanted a Mercedes E320. What I got instead was a Mercedes E430. The price was thousands less than the original price of the E320. Joe stiff-arms the competition. He is like a bull in a China Shop. I bought some 18-inch rims with all the money I saved. Thanks Joe."
Pastor Clyde Turner/Retired Air Force  -  see more photos

"After moving to Georgia from overseas my wife and I decided on purchasing an automobile. I knew that I didn’t want just any old run of the mill car. I wanted a luxury sedan with all the raw power of a 2-door coupe. The Mercedes Benz dealer’s prices had me so far down, that I had to look up just to put on my shoes. The Base Credit Union referred me to Joe. He blessed me with a Mercedes 430 Sport Sedan"
Pat Moore / Union Rep. Brown & Williamson  -  see more photos

"My eldest daughter is in Medical School. I needed a reliable vehicle at a bargain price. I’m really a stickler for savings. The car dealers had me going in circles. Then I met Joe Bullard and he went to the auction and found us the perfect automobile - a Honda Accord. My daughter just adores the car. Joe saved me thousands. We saved so much money that my wife and I eventually bought two more cars from Joe. "
Adam Carter / Bluebird Bus Sales - see more photos

"Joe never sleeps. My wife and I think he dreams cars even when he sleeps. He constantly burns the midnight oil. Joe saved me over five grand on my BMW 325i two door coupe. When I sold the car I made money. When we had our daughter, I called Joe again for our Acura MDX. He came through again just like I figured. When my daughter turns sixteen, I’ll be calling Joe again."
Mr. Edward Huckabee / Retired Armstrong Industries -  photos

"When I retired from work I wanted to purchase a new truck. None of the local dealerships wanted to play ball. I wanted to pay cash but I didn’t want to dip into my retirement cash flow. I ran into Joe’s dad and he suggested that I give his son a call. He found me the right truck at the right price. My new F150 Crew-Cab is just right for Georgia football and fishing. Joe keep on crushing the competition."
Maurice & Drew Dudley / Law Enforcement - see more photos

"All car dealers are crooks and can’t be trusted so they say. I have been hunting down bad guys for years and nothing stinks up a courtroom more than a crooked cop and a car salesman. Man, I really had to repent about that thought, not the cop part but the car salesman part. I heard of Joe through many of my church members in GA. They kept bragging about their deals on their Hi-End automobiles and his name kept popping up. When Drew and I got ready to make our move on our Lexus GS 300 I new exactly who to hunt down. I pursued Joe doggedly like a hound dog on a bone. We saved thousands$$$$ forget Geico, Joe’s the man. Remember Joe, “all of us here at Law Enforcement got ya back” Sincerely, Maurice "
Craig Ellard / Vice President Rivoli bank & Trust - see more photos

"I have seen a lot of automobile loans in my 12 years of banking. Most customers are usually upside down and don’t know how to buy. That’s why when my wife and I were searching for our 2004 Toyota Tundra Quad Cab, I vowed not to be one of those customers. Joe had handled some repossessions for some local banks and I knew he was the man to call. He works hard, he’s honest, and he fights hard for his customers. When you’re the Vice President of a major lending institution you are asked to support and endorse many different business. You see many different gimmicks they have been repackaged but the end is destruction. Profyle Auto Design and Joe Bullard didn’t ask for my endorsement, we at Rivoli Bank & Trust asked them. We love seeing customers save money especially if when we’re one of them. Joe Bullard is as solid as they come."
Ronnie Hollar / Elliott Machine Shop

"I have bought 5 cars from Joe. I’ll probably buy 5 more from his as well. Joe knows cars but when we first met he didn’t know jack about Nascar. I taught him the ropes. Now he is a Nascar fanatic. Joe’s got heart and soul. Other auto-brokers can’t hold a candle to Joe. I never thought buying automobiles could be such fun. Joe makes the experience as easy as 123. Joe, remember Jeff Gordon will never beat Dale Jr. Call me Joe; we’ll hit the race in Atlanta."
Shirley Ellis - Director of Mass Communications / Ft. Valley St. College

"Joseph is always ahead of the 8-ball. He is a serious player in the automotive industry. I wanted a CLK Mercedes at a wholesale price, he delivered. You definitely want to keep his number in your little black book. Joe, you’re the man."
Dr. Stephen D. Summerow / Optometrist

"Joseph aka Jo-Jo is my cousin. He hates that nickname. I explained to him after graduating from Medical school that I was interested in buying a high-end vehicle. I had some reservations since I was starting my practice. With outstanding student loans I had to be a little conservative. I’m driving a Mercedes for the price of a Honda. “Jo-Jo” really cuts the mustard. Joseph has an eagle eye and sharp vision. Good luck with your new web site. See you at the top."
Dr. John Glenn

"I call him the “Bone-Crusher” of the car game. He hits hard as nails. He knows the car business inside and out. It is a dirty business, so you need someone who is honest and trustworthy out in the trenches fighting for you. I’m driving a new Benz and my neighbors are green with envy. Who says doctors can’t save money? Joe, Call me, I’m ready for my 745i BMW"
Robin Lawson / Atlanta Public Schools

"Joseph informed me of the ins and outs of the car business. I met him six years ago in graduate school. He notified me that he had received his auto-broker’s license. I contacted Joe via E-mail and informed him that I was in the market for a Lexus SUV. The metro-Atlanta dealership prices were so high; I figured that I would have to trade in my run around car from college. The trade would help me to lower my payment. With Joe, I was able to keep my Acura and purchase the Lexus. The vehicle has been great. In a nutshell, Joe Bullard and Profyle Auto Design really makes the grade. "
Robert Whatley / Merck Pharmaceutical Sales

"Many are called but few are chosen. Success is rare but not for Joe. He definitely has the Midas touch. All the local dealerships in town were in lock step with the rank and file. The Lexus dealerships just would not budge on prices. A co-worker of mine told me about Joe. I am now able to keep up with the Jones' in my new LS 400. May God continue to bless you and your new website."
Alfort Belin / 1st Lieutenant U.S. Army

"Joseph aka “Profyle” is really on the cutting edge of the automobile industry. Joe is a real mover and shaker. I got more car than I expected. After cadet school money was tight. I was looking for a 1998 Honda Accord. The dealerships here in Valdosta, GA had a brother in the trees with their high prices. The loan officer at the bank referred me to Joe. I saved so much money with Joe; I was able to get a 2000 Honda Accord. Pure and simple, Joe’s “A Man Among Men. "